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Happy! Season 2 - Tallahassee

Laura questions Chris Meloni's parenting skills.


The Other Two Season 1 - Chase Shoots a Music Video

Laura kills any hope Drew Tarver had of editing his appearance on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE!


Younger Season 4 - Forged in Fire

Laura explains some hard truths to Sutton Foster and Hillary Duff. COMEDY

The Path/Hulu Episode 2, The Era of the Ladder.  Laura shares the screen with Hugh Dancy, playing an interviewer determined to get to the bottom of the Meyerism. DRAMA

OTP: One True Pairing Season 2!  Click here for the first episode of our new season and find the most current episodes right here.  COMEDY

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OTP: One True Pairing is created by Laura and costars Peter Graham. 


What happens when two seemingly opposite people decide to move in together?  Quite a bit, given their shared interest in smutty Hobbit fan-fiction!  Bagginshield rules!!


Featuring Jennifer Cody, Hunter Foster, Jonathan Groff, Kilty Reidy and Jen Regan. COMEDY

Submissions Only, a web series about the business of "The Business", created by Kate Wetherhead and Andrew Keenan-Bolger.

Laura plays Stacey, a talent agent, in Seasons 2 and 3 of the hit show. COMEDY

A Gifted Man/CBS Network: Season 1, Episode 10

In Case of a Bolt from the Blue


During a blizzard, a mom (Laura) and her son come to the clinic with a puzzling complaint.  DRAMA

GYM CLASS STORIES:  Laura plays a high school principal dealing with an unruly Phys Ed teacher in this short, written and directed by OTP's Director of Photography, Brian McCann.  DRAMA

Laura and Kilty Reidy improvised this during their time at UCB for Talking Schmidt.


Faux-mercial for the Second Baptist Lutheran Church of the Nazarene 26th annual Holy-Ween Festival!!! Come on down. 


Happy Holy-ween!

And now for something completely different:



Die Vampire, Die!  

From [title of show] 

musics by Jeff Bowen, lyrics by Jeff Bowen and Susan Blackwell

with Courtney Balan, Benjamin Howes and Kilty Reidy

More Life

from Now. Here. This.

music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen

With Courtney Balan, Christopher Hanke and Kilty Reidy

54 Below Celebrates the Music Box

from In My Life

music and lyrics by Joe Brooks

with Courtney Balan and Kilty Reidy

Fancy Voice-Over Reel!

Voice Over - Laura Jordan
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